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Eduardo Cordova is a Cuban artist who, through the exploration of the use of sound and iconography in various media (painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography), investigates cross-cultural ideas, identity, historical narrative, and communal responsibility.

Cordova frequently collaborates with other artists, dancers, and musicians, often bringing specific elements of popular culture to life with global art practices as the impetus and inspiration for his intricate paintings and sculptures.

Having spent most of his childhood and adolescence living in Cuba, as an adult Cordova has had the opportunity to explore other parts of the world, which has awakened artistic curiosities that are now part of his creation, as well as some of the basic questions that feed his practice. such as: How does modern cultural representativeness influence our way of thinking and exchanging ideas? How can artists work to create and participate in culture in an unconsciously ephemeral world increasingly driven by technological acceleration?

Cordova has exhibited extensively in numerous countries including Italy, Spain, Chile, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, and the United States. His works are included in collections around the world.

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